Phoenix Will Rise Again
at Our 45th Class Reunion!

Classmates Tony McMahon, Tayloe Harding, Tim Colton, Dean Erskine along with (fingers-crossed) Angie Aparo are scheduled to play on Saturday, May 21, 2022 as a part of our 45th Class Reunion. 

We've been blessed to have this phenomenal band play at past reunions and are excited they will play together once again at our upcoming reunion. Can't wait to rock and dance the night away!!


We Loved Our Ways”

Words & music by - Tayloe Harding and Tony McMahon

Produced and arranged by - Tony McMahon

Performed by - PHOENIX





When we were young, we lived immortal lives 
and watched the snow from inside.

Then we were gone, we’d grown up, 
it was time to move the world.

“Go work hard, put up your guard and you’ll turn out... fine”.






Rest your head on my shoulder, let’s recall all those days.

We formed our dreams together, laughed and cried, 
and loved our ways...

We loved our ways.






Now we’ve been around, knowing what we’ve learned 
shaped who we’ve become.

Worldly in our sum, Haley in “six” and then 
one day we’re gone, time moves on,

We’ve grown up and we’ve turned out... fine.






Rest your head on my shoulder, let’s recall all those days.

We walked along together, laughed and cried, 
and loved our ways...

We loved our ways.






Here in our school, we had friends that we needed to share.

For three golden years, we knew that they’d always be there.






Rest your head on my shoulder let’s recall all those days.

Tonight we’ll live again... to laugh and cry, 
and love our ways...

We loved our ways...

(We loved our ways...)
















Joe Mathein – lead vocals

Tim Colton – bass guitar

Scott Kelby – drums

Tayloe Harding – keyboards and vocals

Dean Erskine – guitar and banjo

Tony McMahon – lead guitars, vocals

(and sometimes Angie Aparo on vocals and groupie management)

Click here to view the Phoenix Photo Album, with band pictures from 1977 to 2007

Click here to play audio of "We Loved Our Ways" 

Song List for the Friday Gig

1977 LHS 30th reunion - October 5, 2007









1. China Grove  – The Doobie Bros.

2. Take It Easy  – The Eagles

3. Can't Get Enough  – Bad Co.

4. Play that Funky Music  – The Ohio Players

5. American Band  - Grand Funk

6. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

7. Life in the Fast Lane – The Eagles

8. Cry  – Angie Aparo

9. Long Train Runnin'  – The Doobie Bros.

10. LaGrange  – ZZ Top

11. Rock-n-Roll Hoochie Coo  – Rick Derringer





(break w/drinking and much revelry)










1. We Loved Our Ways  - Phoenix

2. Rock-n-Roll All Night  - Kiss

3. Feel Like Makin' Love  – Bad Co.

4. Keep Your Hands to Yourself Ga. Satellites 

5. Colour My World  - Chicago

6. Hey Joe  - Hendrix

7. I'm a Man  - Chicago

8. All Right Now  - Free

9. Freebird  - Skynyrd

10. Tush  – ZZ Top





Alternates: Hotel California, Tuesday's Gone