Check out our Reunion Logo created by Classmate Doris Dionne Wilson.
Check out our Reunion Logo created by Classmate Doris Dionne Wilson.

45th Class Reunion
May 20-22, 2022

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45th Class Reunion
Event Details


Friday, May 20 - 7-11 PM
Magnolia Building


This event is your opportunity to reconnect and catch up with everyone you possibly haven't seen in awhile and maybe even meet some new classmates you missed out on while at LHS. There will be a lot of "Oh my God, it's SO good to see you," "I'm so happy you came," " you remember me?" being uttered throughout the night. Our large nametags should help job everyone's memories as to who you are, so no worries there. This casual meet and greet will pay homage to all our class athletes and how sports brings people together. A big thank you to our Queen of Decor Dawn Rarick Anspaugh!

We're asking everyone to join in the spirit of the event and wear sports-themed attire from your favorite team be it LHS, NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, your grandkids' Little League or soccer teams, or from whatever team you'd like.

In keeping with our sports' theme, we will have a fun spread of traditional Tailgate Foods including chicken wings, subs, and pizza. We'll also have savory and sweet charcuterie boards to round out the food offerings. Beverages will include non-alcoholic offerings such as infused waters along with beer and wine. You're always welcome to BYOB to drink or help stock the bar if you have something specific you like to drink.

We'll also planning special raffles to raise funds for our Class Leadership Scholarship, so stay tuned for details on what's being offered. If you have anything (sports-related or otherwise) that you'd like to contribute, be sure to get in touch with Debbi Kippenberger Carter @ 863-797-5881 or Nancy Calabro Stone @ 863-640-0511.

This event is headed up by Mary E. Richard.

This is a private event open only to members of the LHS Class of '77 and invited guests with tickets. 

The Magnolia Building is located at:
702 E. Orange Ave.
Lakeland, FL 33801

Class of '77 Individual Ticket Purchases:
$30 - Advance
$35 - Walk-ins

Non Class of '77 Individual Ticket Purchases:
$35 - Advance
$40 - Walk-ins

See below for COMBO Ticket details!

Saturday, May 21  - Starts @ 10 AM
Barnett Family Park/Weather Permitting

This FREE EVENT is open to ALL LHS alumni, family, and friends. We will supply Krispy Kreme donuts and bagels until the supply runs out so be sure to get there early! You are requested to supply your own beverage - coffee, tea, mimosas, or whatever you fancy. We will set up underneath the pavillion and, if you'd like to get out in the sun, feel free  to bring along your own lawn chairs and blankets.

We're asking everyone to wear orange and black to this event to help us distinguish us from the general public. The park is a short seven-minute walk from The Terrace Hotel and there's also plenty of free parking should you wish to drive over.

For those wishing to contribute, we will collect donations towards our class scholarship.


This event is headed up by Susan Lambe Spicker.

This event is open to all LHS alumni, family and friends.

Barnett Family Park is located at:
730 E. Orange St.
Lakeland, FL 33801

Individual Ticket:
FREE- please let us know if you plan to attend so we can get an advance headcount.

See below for COMBO Ticket details!


Saturday, May 21  - 7-11 PM
Lake Mirror Center

This dressy casual affair is traditionally the largest event of our reunions and we are once again blessed to have our Class Band PHOENIX taking the stage to share amazing music from our LHS Days and beyond. Of course, there will be loads of dancing and reconnecting taking place throughout this event as well.

We will also partake of a scrumptious Italian Feast including all your favorites – Lasagna, Chicken Tetrazzini, Roasted Vegetables, Fresh Garlic and Yeast Rolls, and Caesar and Garden salads. If none of these items sounds appealing, you can visit our Attended Pasta Stations to create your own delicious creation and choose from a wide variety of toppings including Grilled Chicken, Meatballs, Italian Sausage, Fresh Veggies and your choice of Marinara, Alfredo, or Pesto Cream sauces. To cap off your meal, we’re also planning a decadent Dessert Bar to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our resident Bar Keep King Scott Schiltz will handle the stocking of our “We’ve Got Spirits” Bar on both Friday and Saturday nights. It will feature flavored waters and tea along with some fun Signature Drinks, beer and a few spirits. We're always open to BYOB to help stock the bar or if you have something specific you like to drink. 

A special Silent Auction will take place on this night to help us raise funds for our class scholarship (refer to
OUR SCHOLARSHIP Tab to the left for details on this Leadership Scholarship).  If you can make a donation to help this effort, please refer to the DONATIONS Tab to the left.

A table decorating competition will also be a highlight of Saturday night and is open to any single classmate, group of friends, or club/organization and it’s
FREE TO ENTER. Refer to the TABLE DECORATING Tab to the left for full details and to get in on the fun. There are two categories “LHS Spirit” and “High School Days.” Since we’re having a buffet, you won’t need to provide any plates, cups, or utensils and we’re also providing the base table cloths in your choice of orange, black, or white. To get in on the fun and sponsor a table, contact Mary E. Richard @ 321-277-3657.

We will once again crown a Reunion King and Queen and have a photo booth on hand to capture all the smiling faces and provide proof of all the great fun. 


This event is headed up by Mary E. Richard.

This private event is open to members of the LHS Class of '77 and invited guests only with tickets.

The Lake Mirror Center is located at:
121 S. Lake Ave.
Lakeland, FL 33801

Class of '77 Individual Ticket Purchases:
$50 - Advance
$55 - Walk-ins

Non Class of '77 Individual Ticket Purchases:
$55 - Advance
$60 - Walk-ins

See below for COMBO Ticket details!


Sunday, May 22-  10 AM - 4 PM
Lake Crago Park

Our reunions traditionally cap off with a Sunday BBQ in the park and this one is no different. We'll gather at Lake Crago Park, one of Lakeland's newest outdoor venues, for this final event of the reunion. We're inviting ALL LHS Alumni, family, and friends to join in the fun.

We'll serve a yummy BBQ lunch featuring Pulled Pork, Chicken Filets, Baked Beans, Pasta Salad, Cowboy Corn, and Buns. Delicious Banana Pudding will be offered to satisfy your sweet tooth. Lemonade, Sweet and Unsweet Tea, Water, and Beer will round out the beverage selections. If you have something specific you like to drink, feel free to BYOB. Lunch will be set up in the large classroom to take advantage of the AC.

We'll all hang out under the pavilion, amphitheater, and dockside so feel free to bring your lawn chairs, blankets, umbrellas, and yard games to add to the fun. Don't forget your sunscreen too.

If you own a classic car, motorcycle, or truck, we want you to display it in our Motoring Down Memory Lane Show. This show is sponsored by
Family Insurance Centers who will provide goodie bags for all participants. For further details on how to enter your vehicle, refer to the VEHICLES & BOATS Tab to the left. 

Don’t own your cool vehicle anymore? No worries, we invite everyone to bring along photos to share and reminisce with others. Please be sure to make a copy as we don’t want to be responsible if it goes missing. We’ll have a display board on site to post your pics.

Contact either Beth Rewis @ 863-333-2622 or Nancy Pridmore (LHS Class of '75 and sister of our late classmate Timmy) @ 863-221-5003 if you'd like to display your vehicle or know of someone that would. They do not have to be a member of our class to show their vehicle.Thanks to Beth and Nancy for heading up our Motoring Down Memory Lane Show.

We're being ambitious and also hope to have a Boat Parade on Lake Crago where there's a public ramp for boat launching. If you plan to bring your boat, please contact our Boat Parade Queen Shawn Eady Wilson @ 863-559-6839 who will make sue you get some orange & black decor for your boat. 

If you’re planning to bring along a vehicle or boat, refer to the
VEHICLES & BOATS Tab for more details.

ATTIRE: Because this is a public park, we ask everyone to wear your Reunion T-shirt or orange and black to  distinguish our group from the general public.

Lake Crago Park is located at:
525 Lake Crago Dr.
Lakeland, FL 33805

Class of '77 Individual Ticket Purchases:
$20 - Advance
$25 - Walk-ins

Non Class of '77 Individual Ticket Purchases:
$25 - Advance
$30 - Walk-ins

See below for COMBO Ticket details!

This event is headed up by Amy Yarbrough Whitham and Shawn Eady Wilson.

This event is open to ALL LHS Alumni, family, and friends with tickets. 

Purchase a COMBO Ticket and Receive a FREE T-shirt
For those wanting to take advantage of all the fun, you can purchase a COMBO Ticket and receive a FREE commemorative t-shirt (Valued at $20) in your selected size. In order to select your t-shirt size, you must purchase the COMBO Ticket by April 28th. After that date, you are not guaranteed to receive a free t-shirt or receive one in your size.

Class of '77 Member Individual Ticket Purchases:
$100 - Advance
$115 - Walk-ins

Non Class of '77 Individual Ticket Purchases:
$115 - Advance
$130 - Walk-ins

Phoenix Will Rise Once Again!

We are beyond blessed to have Phoenix, our phenomenal class band, agree to perform at yet another reunion. Classmates Tony McMahon, Tayloe Harding, Tim Colton, Dean Erskine, and (fingers-crossed) James Aparo will once again share their talents at our Saturday Night event.

Phoenix is always a highlight of our reunions and we are pleased to report this one will not be an exception. 

Check out the
PHOENIX Tab for more details on our class band.

Table Decorating Competition

A table decorating competition - open to everyone - will take place during the LHS Class of '77's 45th Class Reunion.

You can showcase your creativity and style in this competition by producing an original table presentation (think centerpiece et al) for our Saturday night event at the Lake Mirror Center on May 21, 2022.

You are NOT required to bring or supply plates, glasses, or utensils as we have a catered buffet planned for Saturday night. Also, we will supply the base tablecloth in your color choice of orange, black, or white.

Your participation will greatly help our Reunion Committee as we will not have to worry about decorating all the tables. So it's a Win-Win for all and a great way for you to have fun and contribute to our reunion. Competitors will get admittance two hours prior to the event.

Anyone in Our Class Can Compete!
The competition is open to any single classmate or group of any size that would like to participate and it is free to enter. We will have a total of ~ 20 tables available for decorating. If you're a talented and crafty individual, show us what you've got. If you had a special group of friends @ LHS, then gather them to get in on the fun. If you participated in an activity/group/club/sport during high school and want to gather together for this competition, that will work as well. 

Two Categories - Dreadnaught Spirit and LHS Days
We will have two categories for this competition. The first will be the Dreadnaught Spirit category. The overall theme of your table decorations should be reflective of the spirit and symbols of LHS. Think along the lines of orange and black, Dreadnaughts, "L," "LHS," etc.

The second category is LHS Days. The theme of your table should be something you participated in, where you hung out, or even an activity you did in high school. It could also be reflective of your group/activity/club/sport from high school. It can be anything from glamorous to funny; however, it must contain some element of orange and black. Literally the field is wide open with this category as to how to decorate your table and you are only limited by your imagination and our rules. 

For more details and a list of the rules as well as to reserve your table(s), click on the
TABLE DECORATING Tab to the left and contact Mary Richard @ 321-277-3657 to sponsor a table and get in on the fun. 

Reunion T-shirts Available
for Purchase

$20 per t-shirt
$4 - S&H within the U.S. only.

Our reunion t-shirts are black t-shirts in 100 percent cotton. There are TWO DESIGNS, so place your order. Sorry there are no returns. The first option is COMMEMORATIVE and features the Naught Done Yet logo along with Class of 77 and our reunion dates. The second option is LOGO-ONLY and features the Naught Done Yet logo only and is more likely preferred by Non 77 Members and/or guests.  The t-shirts for women are V-neck (these run small and you are advised to order two sizes larger) and those for men are a standard scoop-neck t-shirt. Be sure your order is RECEIVED BY APRIL 28th to guarantee your size. If you do not pick up your shirt at the door or cannot attend the reunion, there is an additional $4 S&H fee to mail within the U.S. and additional fees for outside the U.S. Refer to the MAILED Reunon T-shirt Order Form to request mailing. All t-shirt orders must by received by APRIL 28th. After that date, contact Mary E. Richard at 321-277-3657 to see if your size is still available. You may order online and pay the addtional processing fees or via check, made payable to Class of 77 Reunion and mailed to:
Mike Carter, CPA
P.O. Box 580
Live Oak, FL 32064

A small supply of t-shirts will be available for purchase at the events. 


Book Your Hotel Room in ADVANCE

If you’re coming from out of town, we currently have secured blocks of hotels rooms at reduced rates for historic The Terrace Hotel and the brand new SpringHill Suites. Both are within a short distance of our reunion events for Friday and Saturday. Check out the HOTEL INFO Tab for more details and the links you must use to receive the reduced rates. 

IF you are currently unsure if you'll be able to attend, my advice is to snag a hotel room with your credit card NOW. If you find, sadly, that you will be unable to get off of work or some other lame excuse arises, you can cancel by the provided cancellations dates with no penalty (or find another classmate to take on the reservation). That way you are guaranteeing you will have a hotel room for the reunion and won't face the risk of the hotels selling out for our dates.
Currently, we have planned night events for both Friday, May 20, and Saturday, May 21, 2022 along with a Saturday morning breakfast and a BBQ, Motoring Down Memory Lane Vehicle Show, and Boat Parade on Sunday, May 22, 2022. 
We hope you’re excited about our upcoming reunion and that you’ll reach out to classmates that may not be on Facebook to encourage them to attend as well. We don't care if  you were popular, gained weight, lost hair, or didn't participate in any activities while you were at LHS. We still want you to attend as we all shared a special time in our lives at LHS. After all, the LHS Class of '77 is Nulli Secundus!
Thanks to Keith Hicks for heading up our hotel blocks.


Can’t Afford a Hotel or Want Different Accommodations?

With the Coroavirus Pandemic, many classmates have been hit hard or lost their businesses and jobs altogether. In efforts to help, we have classmates that have generously offered to provide rooms in their homes for those in need.

Another option is to rent an Airbnb and we have a classmate that has one available during those dates. Refer to the Facebook page for those details or get in touch with Mary E. Richard @ 321-277-3657.

We also have several classmates that have booked rooms at the initial hotel block rates and can no longer attend and are looking for someone to take over their reservation. Contact Mary E. Richard for details if you plan to book a room. 


Become a
Reunion Sponsor!

Donations help us plan bigger, better, splashier, more amazing reunion events without worrying that we will go broke or have to outright pay for necessary items. We rely on donations to help with our upfront expenses such as deposits on venues, caterers, bar, mailings, entertainment, and the like.

If we receive generous amounts of sponsorship monies, it will help to keep the overall cost to attend as low as possible and therefore allows allowing more classmates join in the fun. It could also provide assistance to classmates that may be unable to afford tickets and also help to fund our class scholarship. Therefore, we are serious when we state that no amount is too small and there's no amount that is too large!

Thanks to John Morgan, the King of Raising Funds, who is once again heading up our Sponsorships.

We are looking for new and previous Sponsors to assist in our efforts to help fund Reunion Expenses. No amount is too small and we also accept In-Kind Donations as well.

Get in touch with John if you’d like to help us out! He’s on Facebook as John R. Morgan and his cell is 404-664-6457.

We Accept Checks, PayPal, and Credit Cards

If you'd like to make a monetary donation and become a Class Sponsor, click on the DONATIONS Tab to the left where you can donate via credit card.

To donate via check, make it payable to “Class of 77 Reunion” and mail it to:

Mike Carter, CPA
P.O. Box 580
Live Oak, FL 32064

Donations in Kind

If, instead of donating money, you’d like to make a donation of goods and services themselves that can be used during or for our reunion, raffle or auction, we’d happily accept them as well and ask that you contact Mary E. Richard to do so. 

Silent Auction & Raffle Donations

We always hold a Silent Auction in conjunction with our reunion to raise funds for the Class of ’77 Leadership Scholarship. This year, we’re expanding and also holding a special raffle on Friday night.

Thanks to Nancy Calabro Stone and Debbi Kippenberger Carter for coordinating our Raffle and Silent Auction.


To make an In-Kind donation or contribute to our Silent Auction or Raffle, contact:
Nancy Calabro Stone

Debbi Kippenberger Carter

All donations are gratefully appreciated!

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Head to the LHS Class of 77 Facebook Page for the most up-to-date news and happenings on our 45th Class Reunion.

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