Departed Classmates

We will always remember your smiles and count you among the ranks of Lakeland High School's Class of '77. We are definitely Nulli Secundus. 

Jonita Archibald
Michael Armstrong
Kennenth Baldwin
Darrell Ray Beasley
Dallas Booker
David Morgan Brown
Brent A. Cantrell 1959 - 2007 
James Capko
Laura Chambers
Deborah Clark
Charles Jordan Cooper III
Charles R. Custer, Jr.
Dennis Dekle
Timothy G. Dowd 
Girard Etheridge  11/14/2015
Gary Falletta
Mark Fletcher
Cynthia "Cindy" Sifford Gammon -!/Obituary
Keith Gatlin
Kenneth Gatlin
Marc Goldsmith
Beth Griffith 2/21/2009
Steve Grimes   10/12/13
Janita Hall  1959 - 1997
Rick Hayes  9/30/2009
Stephen Paul Hawkins
Lance Hilton
Cindy Hochedal
Steve Huckeba
Sherry Jensen- 
Diane Penn Jordan
John Kaplan
Leopold Lacrimosa
Darlene McCraw
James "Sugg" Meachum, November 2020
Mark Moore
Harry Archibald Mayhue
Charlotte O'Berry
Richard (Herb) Odom
Robert Ohnikian
Mike Papizan
Bridgitte Plynaar
Timothy Pridmore
Linda Preiner
Venise Quisenberry
Paul Reynolds
Michael Rorrick
Timothy Rorrick
Cindy Ellen Shaver
Steve Shaver
John Stager
Kenny Strong
Gary Tinsley
Michelle Walker
Steve Ward
Roy A. Wesche
Paul Williams
Lizzie Wilson
Richard Wesley
Mark Wileman
Lorri Wyrick
Know of a Departed Classmate
Not Listed Above?
If you have heard of the passing of one of our classmates, please share this information via the Contact Us tab at left or contact Kathleen Strain Delozier @ 202-633-3187.