Coordinating this group photo was like herding a bunch of First Graders. Sadly, there were 13 in our group that were mis
Coordinating this group photo was like herding a bunch of First Graders. Sadly, there were 13 in our group that were missing from this photo. Can you imagine what this would have looked like if it had the 108 people that were booked to go to Cuba?!

  The LHS Class of '77 Sailing Into Sixty Cruise was EPIC!

Our group of 68 had BIG FUN on our class cruise aboard the Carnival Paradise sailing to Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

Most of us may have been 60, but we didn’t act our age on this class cruise aboard the Carnival Paradise, Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2019. We soaked up the sun on deck and in Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We experienced a wide variety of excursions that included swimming with stingrays, four-wheeling, sailing on catamarans, snorkeling reefs, tequila and chocolate tastings, bar hopping, port shopping, and exploring Mayan Ruins and historical homes in the ports. Onboard the ship, we left our mark as we laughed hysterically in the comedy club and were ALWAYS the last ones to depart the dance floors or casino, sang our hearts out at the piano bar, danced in the ocean breeze on the top deck, or shared a late-night pizza, ice cream cone, and laugh session each night.
We had a daring group that participated in the Quest Scavenger Hunt that MAY have had some of us making out with the same sex, using our teeth to tear holes in socks that were directly stripped off of someone’s foot, having men strut in high heels, performing The Worm on stage, taking off and wearing bras and black lace thongs on the outside of our clothes, allowing any and everyone in the game to kiss (and possibly provide a lap dance) to a group member’s baldhead to leave lipstick marks, dressing and posing like our favorite prostitute (Mercedes, our very own Instagram Model!), and finally lost when someone drew the line by refusing to strip off his boxers in public.
We made our group known by having themed attire for dinners that included Orange & Black Night, Hawaiian and Island Attire Night, and wore matching Cruise T-shirts, and special anchor bracelets. We “rolled” cruise doors, wore sailor hats, and left fun notes on cabin doors. We sang “Happy Birthday to Us” at the top of our lungs each and every night at dinner and shared multiple birthday cakes along the way. We had a special Awards Ceremony where we sang our Alma Mater and “Anchors Aweigh” as the well-represented Anchorettes performed a hand routine. We had a competitive Chinese Port Gift Exchange with some fun birthday gifts including Mexican wrestling masks and highly coveted Margarita glasses. We presented special Superlative Awards and gifts, and crowned John Morgan as our Cruise King and Mary Richard as our Cruise Queen.
We reconnected, recharged, and created experiences that we will talk and laugh about well into the future. Those of us on the cruise felt sorry for those of you that missed out on it or cancelled due to the diversion from Cuba (40 people!). We’re already talking about cruising for our 45th Class Reunion and possibly gathering together at an All-inclusive Resort in a few years as well. Do yourself a favor, start making plans for our next big class gathering. No one cares how many scars you have, how much weight you’ve gained, how little hair you may have, how many wrinkles you’re sporting, or even what you did or did not do in high school. We promise you will laugh until your cheeks hurt and recapture a bit of your youth with fellow Class of ’77 members and you will most definitely realize that our class is truly “Nulli Secundus!”

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